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FiZZion 2 pack (Price includes shipping) $8.98

FiZZion 2 pack (Price includes shipping) $8.98
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Product Description

FiZZion 2 pack (Price includes shipping) Developed as a heavyweight commercial cleaner, FiZZiON Ordinary stain cleaners sit on a shelf and lose their cleaning power. New FiZZiON Concentrated Cleaner mixes up fresh each time you use it to provide maximum stain cleaning power. Just drop one FiZZiON tablet into a bottle of warm tap water and let it ‘fizz.’ Then apply to your tough stains and watch its patented fizzing action clean the stain and eliminate odors.

Every stain is different and requires different methods for removal. Note: FiZZiON Concentrated Cleaner has been tested to be safe for use on synthetic, water washable wool and stain resistant carpets. Some stains may require additional treatments. Always test an inconspicuous area prior to usage and follow manufacturer’s guidelines for item being cleaned. See package for other usage guidelines and precautions.


1.Fill up your FiZZiON spray bottle with warm water. 2.Add 1 or 2 tablets, depending on amount of FiZZiON desired (one tablet per 16oz). 3.Wait 30 seconds and then put sprayer top on the bottle. Urine Stains:

•If the stain is fresh, blot up as much of the urine as possible using a cotton towel or paper towels. •Now spray the soiled area with FiZZiON. Urine will spread across the carpet backing more then it shows up on the surface of the carpet. So make sure you spray at least 10 inches around the visible spot. •Wait a few minutes and blot the area where FiZZiON was applied. If you have a carpet extractor, you can use that to remove the FiZZiON you applied. •Once the FiZZiON is blotted up, spray the area again and allow the area to dry. •When the area is dry, vacuum thoroughly. Vomit:

•First remove as much loose material as possible. Do NOT blot the area at this time. •Choose Removal Method 1 or 2 below. Removal Method 1 (Recommended) If you do not need to clean area right away, use this method…

•Let the stain dry, and then use a plastic utensil and scrape the top of the stain to remove excess material, and vacuum. •Spray area with FiZZiON and blot clean. •When the area is dry, vacuum thoroughly. Removal Method 2 (Alternate) If cleaning of the stain can't wait, use this method…

•After removing loose material, spray fizzion onto a clean towel. •Gently blot the stain, and repeat until stain is removed. Note: you will need to spray a clean area of the towel with FiZZiON each time. •One the stain is removed, spray the stained area directly and blot up remaining material. •When area is dry, vacuum thoroughly. Feces:

Feces type stains need to be cleaned right away. Depending on the how solid the feces is will determine what method to use.

•If the feces is solid, remove as much of it as possible and follow instructions below. •If the feces is watery, blot up as much as you can before applying FiZZiON. Spray clean towel with FiZZiON and gently blot up the stain. Note: you will need to spray a clean area of the towel with FiZZiON each time. •Once the stain is mostly removed, apply FiZZiON directly blot up remaining material. •When area is dry, vacuum thoroughly. Other Stains:

Blood and various dirt stains are easily removed by applying FiZZiON directly to the stain and blotting, or by applying FiZZiON to a clean towel and blotting.

Mustard Stains:

If you get mustard on your carpet, don't panic. Applying any cleaner or water right away will only make the stain more difficult to remove. Instead…

•Let the mustard dry, and then use a plastic utensil to scrape the area. •Vacuum up all dried material. •Spray the area with FiZZiON and blot up any remaining stain.

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