Cat Craft Catnip 1/2 oz USA Dryed

Cat Craft Catnip 1/2 oz USA Dryed

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descriptionDryed Cat Craft Catnip 1/2 oz USA

How much catnip can I give to my cat?

Catnip for cats should be used sparingly. Only a little bit is needed for your cat to get the effects. The amount of catnip you use will also depend on what type you use. Fresh catnip leaves have more oil in them so you only need a small sprig of a leaf to get the full effect. If you use dried catnip leaves, you may need to sprinkle out a dose about the size of a quarter into your palm.

How to make a Catnip Toy

Your Cats go crazy for this catnip toy

Here is what You'll Need:

Felt Scissors Pen Needle Thread Catnip

Cats love to play in it and eat it. Don't just make toys out of catnip --If you plant some Cat nip in a place where a cat can enjoy it.

How To Make Your Catnip Toy:

Step 1: Cut a piece of felt into an interesting shape, such as a mouse.

Step 2: Lay the shape on another piece of felt and trace around it. Cut out your tracing to make a second shape that's exactly the same as the first.

Step 3: Use a needle and thread to sew the two pieces of felt together, but leave a small opening.

Step 4: Stuff the toy with catnip, then sew it shut.
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