Customer Service Feed back

Customer Service Feed back
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In our latest survey of customers who use Innova cat food, In their own words. We can all look forward to a happy healthy life now that we are eating a good healthy and nutritious Innova cat food. We are constantly receiving compliments on his full, soft, gorgeous coat! Our Veterinarian tells us that he is a beautiful, lean, strong, healthy cat. Our cat is doing fabulously on your Innova cat food. I recommend Innova cat food to all my friends with cats. Thanks to Innova cat food his coat is becoming shiny, the dandruff is disappearing, he is running around like a kitten! His coat is very thick and feels wonderful. He eagerly eats all his food and is rarely sick. He obviously feels great! He is full of energy, fun and is bright eyed with a glossy coat. In fact the perfect picture of health while eating Innova cat food. Our cat no longer suffers from allergies and I have noticed a difference in both their skin and coats. Both Cats love Innova cat food and are doing wonderfully. I am extremely happy with the quality of the Innova cat food and the straight forward way in which Natura has handled the ongoing recall debacle of other companies and will certainly stick with Innova when we decide to transition her to adult eating Innova cat food. My 18 year old calico has shown a marked improvement is her total well being since being changed to this food. My only regret is that I didn't discover it sooner. Innova is a fabulous food. My dogs and cat shed less and have the shiniest coats. My dogs don't have the doggy smell that alot of dogs get from eating not so healthly foods. I highly recommend any of the Natura Products including Innova cat food. Innova Cat food and Innova Kitten food is available in 2.2 lb., 6.6 lb. and 16.5 lb. packages.

April 13th 9:36 am

Thank goodness you have this toy Rosie Rat, our new cat Honey shot hers somewhere and we cannot find it. Out of 25 toys this is her favorite!


Feburary 6th, 10:38 am

Service: This company is truly amazing. I am of an age where I prefer to telephone my orders. The young man who took my order was very helpful.He did everything and I listened while he placed the order etc.

The next day my Safe Paws arrived at my home where everything is covered with ice.

I would highly suggest dog lovers let take care of your doggie needs. Woof ,Woof, Nancy S.

Wed March 17th, 2010 7:49 am

I'm sorry that this email took so long. What a godsend that gel seems to be. Our female, Bambina's canine teeth are already 75% cleaned up and Travelers's teeth are slowly improving. Neither have the terrible halitosis as they did....not perfect but 85% better. Who in the world would have guessed? This little company should do better advertising and certainly the vets wouldn't tell you but rather have you have their teeth cleaned every year! Thank heaven our friend who is the breeder in FL told us about it and thanks to you being Johnny -on-the Spot both dogs are on the mend. It will be really interesting to see what a month on it will be. Thanks for your help.......Sincerely, Bonnie NH

Sat Jan 2 23:13:19 EST 2010

Rating: Excellent

Price Rating:Excellent

Shipping Options Rating:Excellent

Delivery Rating:Excellent

Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent

Customer Service Rating:Excellent


Comment: Best priced, Best service found for the hduo product. Received product promptly and in excellent condition. Thanks, Robert

We recommend that you keep this bag in a secure location as we have heard of many pets stealing and devouring the contents of this bag in one sitting. BUYER BEWARE!!!

Grizzly Salmon Fillet Treats for Dogs & Cats (3 oz) Bag "The salmon jerky was a real hit!!! They kept following me around for more. Today I’m going to try the dehydrated food. Thanks Val:} "

"We bought the PetCo substitute because we were told it was the same. Need I say more?" Karen CT


"Couldn't get through a Winter without this product Safe Paw" MaryRuth PA ****


"About 2 weeks ago I ordered the 12 inch Reflective Safety Vest for my dog, The quality is really nice that we are ordering one for our cat!, Thanks, Jackie NJ."

"Over the years, we've owned several different brands, and feel that Spot n' Trot are the best designed, easiest to put on, the materials offers the greatest visibility, etc. We're believers. Thanks again, and we'll keep you in mind for future needs. Deer hunting season starts Saturday in Vermont Fred."
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