Goodness Gracious (TM) Hula Lula Lamb

Goodness Gracious (TM) Hula Lula Lamb

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descriptionGoodness Gracious (TM) Hula Lula Lamb

Our Hula Lula Lamb jerky treats are pure lamb. They are made from premium quality boneless leg of lamb. We slice them and oven dry them to retain the fullest nutrition and flavor possible, while reducing moisture to maintain shelf-life. Nothing more. Nothing less.

All our Hula Lula jerky treats are free of preservatives, additives, byproducts, or anything artificial. We buy the leanest healthiest meats we can find, and further hand trim them. This makes a lean, protein-dense treat. It also means there are variations in the shape of the treats. (But we're quite certain your dog won't care.)

All our Hula Lula's are super-healthy, protein-rich treats that complement very well the diets of all active dogs as well as those following B.A.R.F guidelines.

Ingredients: 100% human-grade, grass-fed, antibiotic-free and hormone-free lamb.
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