Goodness Gracious (TM) Poached Salmon Cookies

Goodness Gracious (TM) Poached Salmon Cookies

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descriptionPoached Salmon Cookies

Ever open up a package of dog treats and get some aroma you don't recognize? We dare you to have that same reaction with our Poached Salmon treats. In fact, we triple dog dare you!

Tear open a package of these Poached Salmon biscuits and you'll have visions of casting a line into deep ocean waters and reeling in the best, fresh catch of the day!

We use only 100% Wild Salmon from Alaska and Canada to pack an extra nutritious punch. (No Atlantic farm-raised salmon here!) We buy only the best, pinkest, freshest filets pretty much straight off the boat, and steam them to lock in flavor and nutrition. We then combine them with the rest of our wholesome ingredients for a treat your dogs love. You may even be tempted to try one yourself. But we're required by law to tell you that they are just for dogs.

The ingredients in our Poached Salmon treats are: 100% human-grade wild salmon, ricotta cheese, eggs, steel cut oats, all-natural rye flour, all-natural buckwheat flour, just a touch of raw unprocessed honey to bring out the flavor of the fish.
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