Grizzly Joint Oats 4 Dogs 10oz from $11.98Zoom

Grizzly Joint Oats 4 Dogs 10oz from $11.98

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Grizzly 10oz Joint Oats 4 Dogs

A product that supports your dog's joints Joint Oats 4 Dogs is the only joint product made with Oatinol™, which is a proprietary blend of natural, beneficial oat extracts for your working, senior, sports or show dog.

Joint Oats 4 Dogs combines Oatinol™ with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Curcumin, Glutamine, and MSM, and helps your dog get the maximum benefit from the active ingredients.

Supports your dog's health: •It’s healthy with natural anti-oxidants •It's tasty - mini pellets dogs enjoy •It's effective -supports joints and cartilage •It’s gentle - supports a good digestive balance •It’s proven - successful joint product in U.K Unique combination of ingredients Joint Oats 4 Dogs contains the esssential building blocks for natural replenishment and daily maintenance of your dog’s joints, cartilage, and synovial fluids.

Effective joint product dogs love

More joint benefits... Support your dog's overall health with the benefits provided by the ingredients in Joint Oats 4 Dogs:

•Supports a naturally environment in the digestive channel •Good condition of the gut membranes •Presence of all important building blocks •Important anti-oxidants

Joint Oats 4 Dogs helps your senior or working dog maintain flexibility of movement.

Benefits from Joint Oats 4 Dogs: •It’s Healthy - key ingredient, Oatinol™ contains strong natural anti-oxidants (known as tocotrienols) for improved overall health

•It’s Tasty - dogs love the taste of JointOats4Dogs™ -- they’ll actually want to eat their joint supplements (and usually 'lick their platter clean!')

•It’s Effective - Oatinol™ improves your dog’s ability to absorb the ingredients -- resulting in better support to joints and tendons

•It’s Gentle - Oatinol™’s improved absorption means dogs don’t require as much of the joint ingredients, and thus experience less indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, and other unpleasant side-effects

•It’s Proven - Within the last five years, Joint Oats 4 Dogs has become the most successful joint product in the U.K. (branded 'Joint Aid for Dogs').
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