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HduO Pet Water Fountain

HduO Pet Water Fountain
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You can lead a pet to water but you can't make him drink.  Having a pet water fountain in your home ensures a plentiful supply of water so clean and fresh, he will want to drink it.  The HduO cat and dog water fountain combines yours and your pets' needs for water.  The HduO has a normal human water dispenser at the top, and at the bottom there is an easily accessible pet water dispenser for your animals.  The HduO Pet Water Fountain prevents pets from drinking too much water or resorting to other water resources (toilets, dirty garden water, etc.) to overcompensate for any lack of fresh water.

Water is a critical component of your pet's diet.  According to the ASPCA, pets without a plentiful supply of water may develop health conditions including urinary tract disease (especially for felines), osteosarcoma (bone disease) and renal failure.  Not only should your pet have access to a plentiful supply of water, but that water should be fresh and clean so that your pet is inclined to drink it.  The HduO cat and dog water fountain runs itself, allowing you to feel confident about your pet's health.

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