Oral Care Spray and Gel (2 Pack)Zoom

Oral Care Spray and Gel (2 Pack)

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Oral Care Spray and Gel (2 Pack)

For even faster results spray in the morning brush in the evening. With this special pricing don't forget an extra pack or 2 for all your pet loving friends.

I'm sorry that this email took so long. What a godsend that gel seems to be. Our female, Bambina's canine teeth are already 75% cleaned up and Travelers's teeth are slowly improving. Neither have the terrible halitosis as they did....not perfect but 85% better. Who in the world would have guessed? This little company should do better advertising and certainly the vets wouldn't tell you but rather have you have their teeth cleaned every year! Thank heaven our friend who is the breeder in FL told us about it and thanks to you being Johnny -on-the Spot both dogs are on the mend. It will be really interesting to see what a month on it will be. Thanks for your help.......Sincerely, Bonnie NH
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