Safe Paw ™ Ice melter (on sale $14.93 )

SafePaw ice dam melter

SafePaw ice dam melter
ice dam melter Safety Products for pets and people:(US & Canada)(seasonal merchandise)

SAFETY NOTICE: Many retailers are telling existing Safe Paw customers and those inquiring about it that the ice melter they carry is the same as Safe Paw in formulation and effectiveness. This is absolutely false. Safe Paw is protected by patents and propriety components. Don't be fooled by the claims of other's, and be confident by only using Safe Paw to protect the pets you love.

"We bought the PetCo substitute because we were told it was the same. Need I say more?" Karen CT "Couldn't get through a Winter without this product Safe Paw" MaryRuth PA

Safe Paw contains no salt. Its patented dual-effect compound, made up of crystalline amide core infused with special glycols, provides a non-corrosive composition with two-way timed-release action.

Safe Paw ™ Awarded 'Gold' by Vancouver Winter Olympics The No. 1 Selling Non-salt Ice Melter Selected as Exclusive 'Official' Product

VANCOUVER, B.C., CANADA — The Olympics represents the best the world has to offer so it is only fitting that the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has selected Safe Paw as its "Official Environmentally Safe Ice Melter." The Committee explored other ice melter products and Safe Paw swept them all to the top and only spot in the Games.

A shipment of 1,100 35lb. pails of Safe Paw has left the USA., for British Columbia where Safe Paw will be used at five Winter Olympic venues including high in the Canadian Rockies at Whistler Mountain where many of the ski events will be held. Tune in to NBC's coverage of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Feb. 12 - 28, and perhaps you'll see Safe Paw keeping people and the environment safe, and, of course, pets that are in the area."Citius, Altius, Fortius" in Safe Paw sales for everyone. Spread the word, and always spread the Safe Paw!
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