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The Pest Away Mitt Applicator

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Pest Away Mitt Applicator - Reusable Insect Repellent Applicator

The Pest Away Mitt is a reusable insect repellent applicator which enables you to apply the repellent where you want it, while avoiding wind direction and protecting eyes, mouth and hands. Made of sturdy materials, has a hefty slide rite, advanced closure system, is hand washable and can be used for many applications. Simply spray or apply repellents, flea powders or medicines onto the mitt then rub on areas you want to protect. Can be used on horses, dogs, cats and even yourself. Also Great for Cleaning around the house.

Insect repellent Disinfectant spray for doorknobs and high contact surfaces Sunscreen Self tanner Ben-Gay Amorall your vehicle Pet lotions and medicines Equine products Dusting, i.e. Pledge Tire shine, convertible tops Boat polish and fiberglass cleaner Calamine lotion for poison ivy Leather Furniture Cleaner Applicator
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